ChemS 214 Nano-Chemistry



An introduction to basic concepts of nanochemistry including various synthesis methods (nanofabrication by scanning probe instruments, lithography, sol-gel, hydrothermal, self-assembly, crystal growth etc), advance synthesis and modifications of nanomaterials (organic functionalization, metallic, bi-metallic, core-shell, shape and morphology controlled synthesis etc), tools to characterize nanomaterials (scanning probe microscopy like AFM, STM, MRM and electron microscopy like SEM, TEM). This course will also cover green nanochemistry, nanotech & environment and finally applications in various fields with special emphasis on nano-catalysis. This course will empower the students to understand the scientific importance and technological potential of nanotechnology and students will able perform three (3)important activities related to Nanochemistry, i.e. synthesis, functionalization and application of nanomaterials.
Course period02/4/12 → …
Course level200