ErSE 390I Rock Mech. for Energy Geo-Engineering



(1) Rock formation; tectonism; geological structures and reservoirs. (2) Fractured rock mass (fracture characterization, description joint sets); intact rock vs. fractured rock. (3) Initial conditions: stress field in the earth crust, fluid composition and pressure. (4) Hydraulics: matrix and fractures; mixed fluids and reactive fluids; evolution of fluid pressure during production. (5) Mechanics: strain hardening and softening, strain localization, tensile and shear failure, creep, constitutive models, yield-envelope. (6) Thermal properties and heat transfer. (7) Classical hydro-mechanical coupling (effective stress, reservoir compaction, deformation, fault reactivation), and multi-HTCM couplings. (8) Well and reservoir engineering: drilling and stimulation in various formations. (9) Challenges: shale instability, sand production, creep. (10) Rock and rock mass characterization - laboratory and field.
Course period08/20/17 → …
Course level300