PS 202 Plant Physiology & Adaptation



This course gives an introduction and overview to energy flow, transport and nutrient uptake mechanisms. In addition physiological adaptation mechanisms to abiotic and biotic factors are discussed (i.e. in response to salt, drought, heat, cold and plant pathogens (besides viruses, bacteria and fungi, interaction with nematodes, insects and herbivores as well as transformation by Agrobacterium will be covered). The course also deals with symbiosis and beneficial interactions with plants. The aim of this course is to provide an overview of plant structure and function, covering a range of plant processes such as water and nutrient transport and the central plant operation of photosynthesis and C metabolism. The course will end with an introduction to the interactions of plants with their environment, studying responses to challenges from both the biotic and abiotic world.
Course period01/22/17 → …
Course level200