Climate-driven impacts of exotic species on marine ecosystems [Dataset]

  • Andrea Anton Gamazo (Creator)
  • Nathan Geraldi (Creator)
  • Carlos Duarte (Creator)
  • Scott Bennett (Creator)
  • Julia Santana-Garcon (Creator)
  • Núria Marbà (Creator)
  • Gabriel Jordà (Creator)
  • Eugenia T. Apostolaki (Creator)
  • Just Cebrián (Creator)
  • Dorte Krause-Jensen (Creator)
  • Catherine E. Lovelock (Creator)
  • Paulina Martinetto (Creator)
  • John M. Pandolfi (Creator)



Here we provide data on the ecological impacts of exotic marine species on recipient native ecosystems and characterise the thermal niche of both the recipient sites and each exotic species range of origin (RO). In addition, we provide the summertime warming trajectories of the recipient sites under RCP4.5 and RCP8.5 emission scenarios. Together, this dataset characterises the ecological impacts of exotic marine species and the climatic context under which these impacts occur. Overall this database represents 108 studies that have measured impacts of exotic species on recipient marine ecosystems where they were introduced, encompassing 748 observations from 80 sites and 50 species, ranging from primary producers (e.g. seagrass, macroalgae) to predators (e.g. fish, crustaceans, annelids).
Date made availableMar 4 2020

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