Data: Olduvai Gorge Project Trip # 1

  • Gerard T. Schuster (Creator)
  • Sherif M. Hanafy (Creator)
  • Kai Lu (Creator)
  • Sherif M. Hanafy (Creator)
  • Sherif M. Hanafy (Creator)



The first trip to collect seismic data started on July 27 and ended on August 16. Team members are Kai (July 27 to August 16), Sherif (July 27 – August 9), and Jerry (August 7 to August 16).

A total of 360 CSGs are recorded with shot interval of 10 m and receiver interval of 5 m. The total numbers of receivers are 720. Since we have only 240 receivers at the site, we recorded the data using three phases, phase 1 with receivers 1-240, phase 2 with receivers 241 to 480, and phase 3 with receivers 481 to 720.

During shooting time only part of the receivers were active, we repeated some shots to have overlaps between the 3 phases, and the following table lists which receivers were active during shooting time.

P.S. to have 480 receivers for some shots we had to repeat some of the shots twice, for example, CSG # 121 was recorded when the active receivers were 1 to 240, then repeated when the active receivers were 241 to 480, both files merged together to have CSG # 121 with 480 active receivers.
Date made available2016
PublisherKAUST Research Repository

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