Genomic characterization and gene bank curation of Aegilops using genotyping-by-sequencing

  • Laxman Adhikari (Creator)
  • Jesse Poland (Creator)
  • John Raupp (Creator)
  • Shuangye Wu (Creator)
  • Dal Hoe Koo (Creator)
  • Bernd Friebe (Creator)



In this study, genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) was performed on 1041 Aegilops accessions, representing 23 different species. These accessions have been maintained by the Wheat Genetics and Resource Center (WGRC) at Kansas State University. The GBS FASTQ files have been uploaded to the NCBI SRA public repository under the BioProject accession number # PRJNA985892. We have provided other files related to data analysis, such as the barcode key file, SNP matrices, and taxonomic information of the accessions in this Dryad repository, which can be accessed through the provided link. The aim of the study was to explore the genetic and genomic characteristics of wild wheat relatives, Aegilops, using a larger number of SNP markers. Here, we also curated the WGRC gene bank Aegilops collection via the identification of misclassified accessions and genetically identical redundant accessions. Further, we explored the genomic relationship between wheat and the different Aegilops species.
Date made availableJul 5 2023

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