Morphological traits and sex ratios of Acanthochromis polyacanthus F2 generation in present-day and elevated temperatures

  • Timothy Ravasi (Creator)
  • Rachel K. Spinks (Creator)
  • Jennifer M. Donelson (Creator)
  • Lucrezia C. Bonzi (Creator)
  • Philip L. Munday (Creator)



    Please see the associated publication on why and how this data was collected and analysed: Spinks, R.K., Donelson, J.M., Bonzi, L.C., Ravasi, T. & Munday, PL. (2022) Parents Exposed to Warming Produce Offspring Lower in Weight and Condition. Ecology and Evolution.

    This data publication contains the dataset and a R script for the above publication.
    Date made availableMay 18 2022
    PublisherJames Cook University

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