Overlapping roles of spliceosomal components SF3B1 and PHF5A in rice splicing regulation

  • Haroon Butt (Creator)
  • Jeremie Bazin (Creator)
  • Sahar Alshareef (Creator)
  • Ayman Eid (Creator)
  • Moussa Benhamed (Creator)
  • Anireddy S.N. Reddy (Creator)
  • Martin Crespi (Creator)
  • Magdy Mahfouz (Creator)



The SF3B complex, a multiprotein component of the U2 snRNP of the spliceosome, mediates branch point selection and facilitates spliceosome assembly and activation. Several splicing modulators bind the SF3B1 and PHF5A subunits of the SF3B complex and globally inhibit splicing. Engineered mutant variants of SF3B1 and PHF5A conferred tolerance to splicing inhibitors with only minor effects on gene expression and AS.
Date made availableMay 31 2020

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