PathoPhenoDB: a database of pathogen-phenotype associations

  • ┼×enay Kafkas (Creator)
  • Marwa Abdelhakim (Creator)
  • Yasmeen Hashish (Creator)
  • Maxat Kulmanov (Creator)
  • Marwa Abdellatif (Creator)
  • Paul Schofield (Creator)
  • Robert Hoehndorf (Creator)



PathoPhenoDB is a database containing pathogen-to-phenotype associations mined from the scientific literature. PathoPhenoDB relies on manual curation of pathogen-disease relations, and on ontology-based text mining to associate phenotypes with infectious disease. Using Semantic Web technologies, PathoPhenoDB also links to knowledge about drug resistance mechanisms and drugs used in the treatment of infectious diseases. The information in PathoPhenoDB can provide background knowledge about known pathogens, diseases, and phenotypes, and the drugs to which they respond; it therefore provides a tool for research on infectious diseases and drug mechanisms. PathoPhenoDB is accessible at, and the data is freely available through a public SPARQL endpoint.
Date made availableOct 18 2018

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