Qademah Fault Seismic Data Set - Northern Part

  • Sherif M. Hanafy (Creator)
  • Kai Lu (Creator)
  • Mrinal Kanti Hota (Creator)
  • Bowen Guo (Creator)
  • Ahmad Tarhini (Creator)
  • Sherif M. Hanafy (Creator)



Is the Qademah fault that was detected in 2010 the main fault?
We collected a long 2D profile, 526 m, where the fault that was detected in 2010 is at around 300 m.

We collected 264 CSGs, each has 264 receivers. The shot and receiver interval is 2 m.
We also collected an extra 48 CSGs with offset = 528 to 622 m with shot interval = 2 m. The receivers are the same as the main survey.
Date made availableJan 2015
PublisherKAUST Research Repository

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