Universal spatial properties of coral reefs

  • Àlex Giménez-Romero (Creator)
  • Manuel A. Matías (Creator)
  • Carlos Duarte (Creator)



Georeferenced database on the spatial properties of all individual shallow-water tropical coral reefs worldwide. The dataset was obtained by processing and analyzing the global-scale coral reef benthic data provided by the Allen Coral Atlas (ACA), a publicly available dataset of high-resolution satellite imagery and machine learning-based coral reef classifications. The original data, already divided into different coral provinces, was segmented to identify the individual reefs of each province using a label assignment algorithm. This allows to analyze several spatial properties of coral reefs such as the size distribution, area-perimeter relationship, fractal dimensions and shape measures. The dataset contains measures of area, perimeter, fractal dimension, compactness and elongation index (diameter ratio) for each individual reef in each coral province.
Date made availableOct 20 2023

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