High-throughput sequencing system - HiSeq 2500

  • Ming Sin Cheung (Manager)

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    King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Thuwal 23955

    Saudi Arabia

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The HiSeq 2500 is an upgrade of the HiSeq2000. It is a high throughput next generation sequencing platform using a stable reversible terminator sequencing-by-synthesis method. With the HiSeq 2500, large studies can be completed with reduced hands-on time and reagent costs.

The HiSeq 2500 instruments can be run in two different modes: “high output” or “rapid run”. High output mode utilizes 8-lane flow cells in combination with “version 4 chemistry”, whereas rapid run mode uses 2-lane flow cells with “Rapid” SBS chemistry. In high output mode, HiSeq 2500 can generate up to 1 Tb and 8 billion paired end reads per run, delivers 1 TB in 6 days, read length 2x125 base pairs. Rapid run mode with 2x250 base pairs delivers 250-300 Gb in 60 hrs.

The HiSeq2500 system includes the following features:
• Incredible Speed and Throughput. Complete projects in record time with the higher daily throughput
• Unprecedented Flexibility. Choose between rapid-run and high-output modes, offering scalable output from 10 Gb to 1 Tb for a broad range of applications and sample sizes
• Exceptional Data Quality. Build confidence in your results with the most widely adopted and proven Illumina SBS chemistry
• Complete End-to-End Sequencing Solutions. Enjoy integrated streamlined workflows from library prep through data analysis

Applications: Whole genome sequencing, mRNA sequencing, total RNA sequencing, small RNA sequencing, ampicon sequencing, chip sequencing, Rad sequencing

Model: Hiseq 2500


NameHigh-throughput sequencing system - HiSeq 2500
ManufacturersIllumina, Inc.


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