Mass Spectrometer – MaXis QTOF

  • Ming Sin Cheung (Manager)

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    King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Thuwal 23955

    Saudi Arabia

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The Bruker maXis is a Hybrid Quadrupole / Atmospheric Pressure Ionization orthogonal accelerated Time-Of-Flight mass spectrometer upgraded with the latest HDC cell. It is a space-saving reflector instrument configured with the Bruker Apollo ion source, an analytical quadrupole and a vertically arranged ion flight tube that contains the orthogonal acceleration stage, the reflector, and a detector.

The PC mounted digitizer is able to attain a sample rate up to 2 GS/sec. It includes the Apollo II Electrospray Ion Source, a quadrupole MS/MS-stage, a vertically arranged Time of Flight mass spectrometer, a vacuum system (including the rough pump) and complete electronics. Included with the maXis there is the data system (PC) and a syringe pump for both low-flow and high-flow direct infusion work. The PC incorporates a fast digitizer for data acquisition. The “Compass” software includes “micrOTOFcontrol” for instrument control and data acquisition, “DataAnalysis” for data post processing and “HyStar”which provides full automation of LC/MS workflow. The maXis is a time-of-flight instrument used in combination with LC/MS/MS applications. The HPLC may contain a column to perform a “pre-separation” of sample compounds before they enter the mass spectrometer. This combination of HPLC and MS allows for the detection of masses in a complex matrix. LC/MS can be used for analytes that do not have chromophores, and is considered a highly selective and sensitive technique.


NameMass Spectrometer – MaXis QTOF
Acquisition date04/1/10
ManufacturersBruker Corporation


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