NMR spectrometer 600M WB Solid

  • Kun Li (Manager)

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    King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Thuwal 23955

    Saudi Arabia

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NMR spectrometer system dedicated to solid-state NMR applications. This instrument is equipped with two cross polarization magic angle spinning (CPMAS) probes: a 3.2 CP-MAS X/Y/H (13C/15N-2H/1H) triple resonance probe capable of spinning speed up to 24 kHz; and a 2.5 mm 1H/19F/X (X=N-C) triple resonance CP-MAS probe capable of spinning speed up to 35 kHz. Both probes have variable temperature range of -140 to +150 deg.C. It is also equipped with a 4 mm high-resolution-MAS (HR-MAS) 1H/13C dual inverse probe.
Model: Avance III 600 MHz


NameNMR spectrometer 600M WB Solid
ManufacturersBruker Corporation


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