PacBio Real-time Single Molecule Sequencing

  • Ming Sin Cheung (Manager)

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    King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Thuwal 23955

    Saudi Arabia

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The PacBio RS II is ideal for whole genome sequencing of small genomes, targeted sequencing, complex population analysis, RNA sequencing of targeted transcripts, and microbial epigenetics.The PacBio RS II features high-performance optics, automated liquid handling, proprietary SMRT Cells and reagents, and intuitive instrument control software.The PacBio RS II contains three primary user access points:-RS Touch — instrument software with a touchscreen interface (for initiating and monitoring runs)-Reagent and sample drawer (for plate and sample loading)-SMRT Cell and tip drawer (for consumables loading)Additional features of the PacBio RS II include:-Intuitive run setup tools-Run-time flexibility (from 30 minutes to 6 hours per SMRT Cell)-Run-size flexibility (from 1 to 16 SMRT Cells per run)-Robotic workflow management


NamePacBio Real-time Single Molecule Sequencing
ManufacturersPacific Biosciences (PacBio)


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