Beyond the Symptom: The Biology of Fatigue.

David M Raizen, Janet Mullington, Christelle Anaclet, Gerard Clarke, Hugo Critchley, Robert Dantzer, Ronald Davis, Kelly L Drew, Josh Fessel, Patrick M Fuller, Erin M Gibson, Mary Harrington, W Ian Lipkin, Elizabeth B Klerman, Nancy Klimas, Anthony L Komaroff, Walter Koroshetz, Lauren Krupp, Anna Kuppuswamy, Julie LasselinLaura D Lewis, Pierre J. Magistretti, Heidi Y Matos, Christine Miaskowski, Andrew H Miller, Avindra Nath, Maiken Nedergaard, Mark R Opp, Marylyn D Ritchie, Dragana Rogulja, Asya Rolls, John D Salamone, Clifford Saper, Vicky Whittemore, Glenn Wylie, Jarred Younger, Phyllis C Zee, H Craig Heller

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A workshop titled "Beyond the Symptom: The Biology of Fatigue" was held virtually September 27-28, 2021. It was jointly organized by the Sleep Research Society and the Neurobiology of Fatigue Working Group of the NIH Blueprint Neuroscience Research Program. For access to the presentations and video recordings, see: https : // The goals of this workshop were to bring together clinicians and scientists who use a variety of research approaches to understand fatigue in multiple conditions and to identify key gaps in our understanding of the biology of fatigue. This workshop summary distills key issues discussed in this workshop and provides a list of promising directions for future research on this topic. We do not attempt to provide a comprehensive review of the state of our understanding of fatigue, nor to provide a comprehensive reprise of the many excellent presentations. Rather, our goal is to highlight key advances and to focus on questions and future approaches to answering them.
Original languageEnglish (US)
StatePublished - May 24 2023

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