Roberto Di Pietro, Simone Raponi, Maurantonio Caprolu, Stefano Cresci

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Technology has, to different degrees, always been part of the financial world, starting from the 1950s with the introduction of credit cards and ATMs, passing through electronic trading floors and personal finance apps, until present days where technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), High-Frequency Trading (HFT), and cryptocurrencies are widespread. The prominent role of technology in finance has become so important as to obtain a specific term to describe the intersection between the two—that is, FinTech. A portmanteau of “financial technology,” FinTech refers to the application of new technological advancements to products and services in the financial industry. The definition is rather broad and also encompasses “innovative ideas that improve financial service processes by proposing technological solutions according to different business situations, while the ideas could also lead to new business models or even new businesses.” Following the previous definitions, FinTech cannot be categorized as a brand new industry but rather as one that has evolved at an extremely rapid pace.
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2021
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