GAN Memory with No Forgetting

Yulai Cong, Miaoyun Zhao, Jianqiao Li, Sijia Wang, Lawrence Carin

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As a fundamental issue in lifelong learning, catastrophic forgetting is directly caused by inaccessible historical data; accordingly, if the data (information) were memorized perfectly, no forgetting should be expected. Motivated by that, we propose a GAN memory for lifelong learning, which is capable of remembering a stream of datasets via generative processes, with \emph{no} forgetting. Our GAN memory is based on recognizing that one can modulate the "style" of a GAN model to form perceptually-distant targeted generation. Accordingly, we propose to do sequential style modulations atop a well-behaved base GAN model, to form sequential targeted generative models, while simultaneously benefiting from the transferred base knowledge. The GAN memory -- that is motivated by lifelong learning -- is therefore itself manifested by a form of lifelong learning, via forward transfer and modulation of information from prior tasks. Experiments demonstrate the superiority of our method over existing approaches and its effectiveness in alleviating catastrophic forgetting for lifelong classification problems. Code is available at
Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalArxiv preprint
StatePublished - Jun 13 2020
Externally publishedYes


  • cs.CV
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