Low damage dry etch for III-nitride light emitters

Joseph G. Nedy, Nathan G. Young, Kathryn M. Kelchner, Yanling Hu, Robert M. Farrell, Shuji Nakamura, Steven P. DenBaars, Claude Weisbuch, James S. Speck

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We have developed a dry etch process for the fabrication of lithographically defined features close to light emitting layers in the III-nitride material system. The dry etch was tested for its effect on the internal quantum efficiency of c-plane InGaN quantum wells using the photoluminescence of a test structure with two active regions. No change was observed in the internal quantum efficiency of the test active region when the etched surface was greater than 71 nm away. To demonstrate the application of the developed dry etch process, surface-etched air gaps were fabricated 275 nm away from the active region of an m-plane InGaN/GaN laser diode and served as the waveguide upper cladding. Electrically injected lasing was observed without the need for regrowth or recovery anneals. This dry etch opens up a new design tool that can be utilized in the next generation of GaN light emitters.
Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)085019
Issue number8
StatePublished - 2015
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