Mixed convection flow of an electrically conducting viscoelastic fluid past a vertical nonlinearly stretching sheet

Ahmad Banji Jafar, Sharidan Shafie, Imran Ullah, Rabia Safdar, Wasim Jamshed, Amjad Ali Pasha, Mustafa M. Rahman, Syed M Hussain, Aysha Rehman, El Sayed M Tag El Din, Mohamed R Eid

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The study of hydromagnetic mixed convection flow of viscoelastic fluid caused by a vertical stretched surface is presented in this paper. According to this theory, the stretching velocity varies as a power function of the displacement from the slot. The conservation of energy equation includes thermal radiation and viscous dissipation to support the mechanical operations of the heat transfer mechanism. Through the use of an adequate and sufficient similarity transformation for a nonlinearly stretching sheet, the boundary layer equations governing the flow issue are converted into a set of ordinary differential equations. The Keller box technique is then used to numerically solve the altered equations. To comprehend the physical circumstances of stretching sheets for variations of the governing parameters, numerical simulations are made. The influence and characteristic behaviours of physical parameters were portrayed graphically for the velocity field and temperature distributions. The research shows that the impact of the applied magnetic parameter is to improve the distribution of the viscoelastic fluid temperature and reduce the temperature gradient at the border. Temperature distribution and the associated thermal layer are shown to have improved because of radiative and viscous dissipation characteristics. Radiation causes additional heat to be produced in liquid, raising the fluid's temperature. It was also found that higher velocities are noticed in viscoelastic fluid as compared with Newtonian fluid (i.e., when K = 0).
Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalScientific reports
Issue number1
StatePublished - Aug 29 2022

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