Modulation-Doped In2O3/ZnO Heterojunction Transistors Processed from Solution

Dongyoon Khim, Yen-Hung Lin, Sungho Nam, Hendrik Faber, Kornelius Tetzner, Ruipeng Li, Qiang Zhang, Jun Li, Xixiang Zhang, Thomas D. Anthopoulos

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This paper reports the controlled growth of atomically sharp In2 O3 /ZnO and In2 O3 /Li-doped ZnO (In2 O3 /Li-ZnO) heterojunctions via spin-coating at 200 °C and assesses their application in n-channel thin-film transistors (TFTs). It is shown that addition of Li in ZnO leads to n-type doping and allows for the accurate tuning of its Fermi energy. In the case of In2 O3 /ZnO heterojunctions, presence of the n-doped ZnO layer results in an increased amount of electrons being transferred from its conduction band minimum to that of In2 O3 over the interface, in a process similar to modulation doping. Electrical characterization reveals the profound impact of the presence of the n-doped ZnO layer on the charge transport properties of the isotype In2 O3 /Li-ZnO heterojunctions as well as on the operating characteristics of the resulting TFTs. By judicious optimization of the In2 O3 /Li-ZnO interface microstructure, and Li concentration, significant enhancement in both the electron mobility and TFT bias stability is demonstrated.
Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1605837
JournalAdvanced Materials
Issue number19
StatePublished - Mar 15 2017


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