Multi-dimensional wave steering with higher-order topological phononic crystal

Changqing Xu, Ze-Guo Chen, Guanqing Zhang, Guancong Ma, Ying Wu

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The recent discovery and realizations of higher-order topological insulators enrich the fundamental studies on topological phases. Here, we report three-dimensional (3D) wave-steering capabilities enabled by topological boundary states at three different orders in a 3D phononic crystal with nontrivial bulk topology originated from the synergy of mirror symmetry of the unit cell and a non-symmorphic glide symmetry of the lattice. The multitude of topological states brings diverse possibilities of wave manipulations. Through judicious engineering of the boundary modes, we experimentally demonstrate two functionalities at different dimensions: 2D negative refraction of sound wave enabled by a first-order topological surface state with negative dispersion, and a 3D acoustic interferometer leveraging on second-order topological hinge states. Our work showcases that topological modes at different orders promise diverse wave steering applications across different dimensions.
Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalScience Bulletin
StatePublished - May 15 2021

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