Multi-Mode Excitation of a Clamped-Clamped Microbeam Resonator

Mohammad I. Younis

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We present modeling and simulation of the nonlinear dynamics of a MEMS resonator to two-source excitation. The resonator is composed of a clamped-clamped beam excited by a DC voltage load superimposed to two AC voltage loads of different frequencies. One frequency is chosen to be close to the first natural frequency of the beam and the other close to the third (second symmetric) natural frequency. A multi-mode Galerkin procedure is applied to extract a reduced-order model, which forms the basis of the numerical simulations. Time history response, Poincare’ sections, Fast Fourier Transforms FFT, and bifurcation diagrams are used to reveal the dynamics of the system. The results indicate complex nonlinear phenomena, which include quasi-periodic motion, torus bifurcations, and modulated chaotic attractors.
Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationNonlinear Dynamics
PublisherAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers
ISBN (Print)9780791846391
StatePublished - Jan 13 2015

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  • Mechanical Engineering
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