n-Type Organic Electrochemical Transistors with High Transconductance and Stability

Yazhou Wang, Genming Zhu, Erica Zeglio, Tania Cecilia Hidalgo Castillo, Sheik Haseena, Mahesh Kumar Ravva, Shengyu Cong, Junxin Chen, Liuyuan Lan, Zhengke Li, Anna Herland, Iain Mcculloch, Sahika Inal, Wan Yue

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An n-type conjugated polymer based on diazaisoindigo (AIID) and fluorinated thiophene units is introduced. Combining the strong electron-accepting properties of AIID with backbone fluorination produced gAIID-2FT, leading to organic electrochemical transistors (OECTs) with normalized values of 4.09 F cm-1 V-1 s-1 and a normalized transconductance (gm,norm) of 0.94 S cm-1. The resulting OECTs exhibit exceptional operational stability and long shelf-life in ambient conditions, preserving 100% of the original maximum drain current after over 3 h of continuous operation and 28 days of storage in the air. Our work highlights the advantages of integrating strong electron acceptors with donor fluorination to boost the performance and stability of n-type OECTs.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalChemistry of Materials
StateAccepted/In press - 2022

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