Pattern-Potential-Guided Growth of Textured Macromolecular Films on Graphene/High-Index Copper

Dikui Zhou, Zhihong Zhang, Yihan Zhu, Yiqun Xiao, Qingqing Ding, Luoyuan Ruan, Yiran Sun, Zhibin Zhang, Chongzhi Zhu, Zongping Chen, Yongjun Wu, Yuhui Huang, Guan Sheng, Jixue Li, Dapeng Yu, Enge Wang, Zhaohui Ren, Xinhui Lu, Kaihui Liu, Gaorong Han

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Macromolecular films are crucial functional materials widely used in the fields of mechanics, electronics, optoelectronics, and biology, due to their superior properties of chemical stability, small density, high flexibility, and solution-processing ability. Their electronic and mechanical properties, however, are typically much lower than those of crystalline materials, as the macromolecular films have no long-range structural ordering. The state-of-the-art for producing highly ordered macromolecular films is still facing a great challenge due to the complex interactions between adjacent macromolecules. Here, the growth of textured macromolecular films on a designed graphene/high-index copper (Cu) surface is demonstrated. This successful growth is driven by a patterned potential that originates from the different amounts of charge transfer between the graphene and Cu surfaces with, alternately, terraces and step edges. The textured films exhibit a remarkable improvement in remnant ferroelectric polarization and fracture strength. It is also demonstrated that this growth mechanism is universal for different macromolecules. As meter-scale graphene/high-index Cu substrates have recently become available, the results open a new regime for the production and applications of highly ordered macromolecular films with obvious merits of high production and low cost.
Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2006836
JournalAdvanced Materials
StatePublished - Jun 6 2021

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  • Mechanics of Materials
  • General Materials Science
  • Mechanical Engineering


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