Plasmonic metalens based on coupled resonators for focusing of surface plasmons

Quan Xu, Xueqian Zhang, Yuehong Xu, Quan Li, Yanfeng Li, Chunmei Ouyang, Zhen Tian, Jianqiang Gu, Wentao Zhang, Xixiang Zhang, Jiaguang Han, Weili Zhang

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As an essential functionality, flexible focusing of surface plasmons (SPs) is of particular interest in nonlinear optics and highly integrated plasmonic circuitry. Here, we developed a versatile plasmonic metalens, a metasurface comprised of coupled subwavelength resonators, whose optical responses exhibit a remarkable feature of electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT). We demonstrate numerically and experimentally how a proper spatial design of the unit elements steers SPs to arbitrary foci based on the holographic principles. More specifically, we show how to control the interaction between the constituent EIT resonators to efficiently manipulate the focusing intensity of SPs. We also demonstrated that the proposed metalens is capable of achieving frequency division multiplexing. The power and simplicity of the proposed design would offer promising opportunities for practical plasmonic devices.
Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalScientific Reports
Issue number1
StatePublished - Nov 29 2016


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