Synthesis and Characterization of Cationic Tetramethyl Tantalum(V) Complex

Raju Dey, Janet Chakkamadathil Mohandas, Manoja Samantaray, Ali Imad Ali Hamieh, Santosh Giridhar Kavitake, Yin Chen, Edy Abou-Hamad, Luigi Cavallo, Albert Poater, Jean-Marie Basset

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A novel method for the synthesis of the homogeneous homoleptic cationic tantalum(V)tetramethyl complex [(TaMe4)+ MeB(C6F5)3−] from neutral tantalumpentamethyl (TaMe5) has been described, by direct demethylation using B(C6F5)3 reagent. The aforesaid higher valent cationic tantalum complex was characterized precisely by liquid state 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, and 1H-13C-NMR correlation spectroscopy.
Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)507
Issue number11
StatePublished - Nov 1 2018


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