Target-oriented high-resolution elastic full waveform inversion with an elastic redatuming method

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Characterizing the elastic properties in deep-buried reservoirs beneath complex overburden structures remains challenging for seismic inversion. Elastic full waveform inversion (FWI) is capable of quantitatively estimating the subsurface elastic properties with reasonably high resolution. However, elastic FWI using high frequencies is computationally expensive because fine discretization is required to stabilize the wavefield simulation. Additionally, it is challenging for elastic FWI to obtain high-resolution inversion results of the deep targets due to complex overburden structures and limited energy illumination of the target of interest. To overcome these limitations, we propose a target-oriented high-resolution elastic FWI scheme by using estimated elastic data for a virtual survey deployed just above a zone of interest. Specifically, we present an elastic redatuming approach to retrieve virtual elastic data by solving an iterative least-squares data fitting problem. In addition to the elastic multicomponent data recorded at the acquisition surface, an estimate of the overburden model is required. A synthetic data example shows that an overburden model estimated by elastic FWI with a low-frequency band enables our elastic redatuming approach to reconstruct the virtual elastic data representing the seismic reflection response from the target zone. We then perform regularized elastic FWI by using the redatumed elastic data to estimate the elastic properties in the target zone with reduced computational cost. In the numerical examples, the Marmousi2 synthetic data and 2D Volve field data are used to demonstrate the feasibility and practicality of the proposed method.
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StatePublished - May 25 2022

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