The LightDock Server: Artificial Intelligence-powered modeling of macromolecular interactions.

Brian Jiménez-García, Jorge Roel-Touris, Didier Barradas Bautista

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    Computational docking is an instrumental method of the structural biology toolbox. Specifically, integrative modeling software, such as LightDock, arise as complementary and synergetic methods to experimental structural biology techniques. Ubiquitousness and accessibility are fundamental features to promote ease of use and to improve user experience. With this goal in mind, we have developed the LightDock Server, a web server for the integrative modeling of macromolecular interactions, along with several dedicated usage modes. The server builds upon the LightDock macromolecular docking framework, which has proved useful for modeling medium-to-high flexible complexes, antibody-antigen interactions, or membrane-associated protein assemblies.
    Original languageEnglish (US)
    JournalNucleic acids research
    StatePublished - May 4 2023

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