Analysis of the Nonlinear Static and Dynamic Behavior of Offshore Structures

  • Feras Alfosail

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Understanding static and dynamic nonlinear behavior of pipes and risers is crucial for the design aspects in offshore engineering fields. In this work, we examine two nonlinear problems in offshore engineering field: vortex Induced vibration of straight horizontal pipes, and boundary layer static solution of inclined risers. In the first study, we analyze the effect of the internal velocity of straight horizontal pipe and obtain the vortex induced vibration forces via coupling the pipe equation of motion with the recently modified Van Der Pol oscillator governing the lift coefficient. Our numerical results are obtained for two different pipe configurations: hinged-hinged, and clamped- clamped. The results show that the internal velocity reduces the vibration and the oscillation amplitudes. Also, it is shown that the clamped-clamped pipe configuration offers a wider range of internal velocities before buckling instability occurs. The results also demonstrate the effect of the end condition on the amplitudes of vibration. In the second study, we develop a boundary layer perturbation static solution to govern and simulate the static behavior of inclined risers. In the boundary layer analysis, we take in consideration the effects of the axial stretch, applied tension, and internal velocity. Our numerical simulation results show good agreement with the exact solutions for special cases. In addition, our developed method overcomes the mathematical and numerical limitations of the previous methods used before.
Date of AwardJul 2015
Original languageEnglish (US)
Awarding Institution
  • Physical Sciences and Engineering
SupervisorMohammad Younis (Supervisor)


  • Vortex induced Vibrations
  • Van Der Pol Oscillator
  • Boundary Layer Petrubation
  • Inclined Riser
  • Riser Static Solution
  • Pipe Vibratrations

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