Enhancing Network Data Obliviousness in Trusted Execution Environment-based Stream Processing Systems

  • Hassan Alsibyani

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Cloud computing usage is increasing and a common concern is the privacy and security of the data and computation. Third party cloud environments are not considered fit for processing private information because the data will be revealed to the cloud provider. However, Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs), such as Intel SGX, provide a way for applications to run privately and securely on untrusted platforms. Nonetheless, using a TEE by itself for stream processing systems is not sufficient since network communication patterns may leak properties of the data under processing. This work addresses leaky topology structures and suggests mitigation techniques for each of these. We create specific metrics to evaluate leaks occurring from the network patterns; the metrics measure information leaked when the stream processing system is running. We consider routing techniques for inter-stage communication in a streaming application to mitigate this data leakage. We consider a dynamic policy to change the mitigation technique depending on how much information is currently leaking. Additionally, we consider techniques to hide irregularities resulting from a filtering stage in a topology. We also consider leakages resulting from applications containing cycles. For each of the techniques, we explore their effectiveness in terms of the advantage they provide in overcoming the network leakage. The techniques are tested partly using simulations and some were implemented in a prototype SGX-based stream processing system.
Date of AwardMay 15 2018
Original languageEnglish (US)
Awarding Institution
  • Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering
SupervisorMarco Canini (Supervisor)


  • systems
  • security
  • side-channel attacks

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